Annual Letter to Our Customers

Now that the sun has fully risen on the new year, I want to share with you some observations that may provide insight into our thinking here at Catalina. To succeed in 2018, understanding shopper behavior and preferences is critical to enabling predictive performance and growth. Increasing shopper empowerment in the areas of purchase method, product information and selection, pricing, and delivery requires a more extreme level of hypertargeting at scale in an increasingly cluttered world. It is why our customers tell me that our relevance has never been higher.

We take great pride in our enduring customer relationships, always striving to deepen our shared understanding of your business needs and provide valuable insights from our Catalina Shopper Database to accelerate your profitable growth and reduce waste. Relentlessly delighting our customers is our top priority, which is why we have invested so heavily in our new Shopper Intelligence Platform, Omni-Promotion engine, and Digital Advertising service. In addition, we hired a third-party service to objectively and repeatedly measure your satisfaction and help identify where we can do better. I read every piece of feedback we receive.

Last year, we worked with our customers to deliver 14 billion impressions, half of them digitally, to consumers. Each of us is experiencing a chaotic digital world that is increasingly confusing and difficult to measure. Hypertargeting can help reduce clutter to consumers and improve ROI for our customers in the process. While digital distribution may be cheap, the cost of disorienting consumers with constant and irrelevant messages is priceless. Catalina's playbook continues to emphasize personalization designed to simplify the lives of consumers by delivering an end-to-end marketing service. This service includes unique insights delivering actionable media that is measured real-time and supported by a consultative team. It works well outside the store – where most shopping decisions begin – and, of course, in-store, where 88% of purchases end. More than ever, our customers look to us to build precise strategies to connect them with their most highly valued shoppers.

As a global company, we have committed ourselves to providing exceptional customer experiences – one of our key points of differentiation in this increasingly automated world. Automation should support relationships, not replace them. Our machine-learning platform took a giant step forward in 2017, improving innovation, speed, distribution alternatives, and performance optimization. We are obsessed with increasing the value you receive from us which means the next set of improvements will be coming soon to a meeting near you.

We are incredibly thankful for the faith you place in our company. We treat every dollar you spend with us as a vote of confidence that we want to turn into profit for you. We will continue to leverage the richest shopper intelligence on the planet to deliver world-class, objective shopper insights and actionable plans that drive measurable results for your business. Nothing is more important to us than delighting you. I hope that 2018 is an amazing year for you.

My best,

Andy Heyman
Catalina CEO