Annual Letter to Our Customers

When asked during my first two months on the job why I decided to join Catalina, I consistently replied that it was the easiest decision I ever made. We have an enormous opportunity to help our customers efficiently drive revenue growth in a very difficult environment. Collaboration, transparency, objectivity and innovation are required, and our company is up to the challenge.

I want to begin the year, our 35th in business, by thanking you, on behalf of the entire Catalina team, for your commitment to our partnership. There's $750 billion running through our network annually, generating 8 billion messages - 2 billion digitally - to 300 million shoppers. We treat this responsibility with the utmost care.

Every one of our 1,300 team members gets stoked when we talk about evolving our culture to become more innovative and customer-centric. We are approaching 2017 with a renewed focus and commitment - at every level of our organization - to being an indispensable business partner. Nothing is more important to us than driving results for your business.

Catalina's mission is to power results that matter most to our CPG brand and retail partners by delivering meaningful value to the world's consumers. We take this aspiration seriously and have invested significantly to bring new capabilities to life. While we continue to optimize our business, our team has achieved significant milestones over the last year. I say that with no pride given my limited time on the job.

The competitive landscape is fierce for both of us. Catalina's differentiation comes in the form of omni - a term we do not take lightly despite its over-use. I will share the Catalina omni roadmap with you when we meet, but the programs that have captured our most significant investment are ready for primetime.

Our new marketing services platform enables our customers to execute omni campaigns to more seamlessly connect with consumers anytime, anywhere. By the end of 2017, every message in our system will have omni capability and every consumer insight will be captured in real time. Our team converted the data capture system in 2016, significantly improving quality and security without the fanfare often associated with major system conversions. You will see the difference.

I am committed to building this business into one of our industry's most admired workplaces with a raving fan base of employees and customers. Catalina has built a wonderful foundation that is powering us toward a new horizon: world-class consumer insights that are objective and focused solely on giving you the information you need to profitably grow your business. Our work approach will be exceptionally collaborative. Our commitments to customers will be the lifeblood of our company. Our culture will set us apart, and I hope you treat this letter as an invitation to expect nothing less.

Together, we can deliver unparalleled value to consumers, efficiently leverage marketing dollars, and achieve unparalleled results measured by one version of the truth. I greatly look forward to connecting with you to strengthen our partnership and ensure your satisfaction with Catalina is both exceptional and enduring.

My best,

Andy Heyman